As I…..

The quietest rooms make the most noise. As I dance in the dark room with my small monsters. I vision a life without imposters. I dream a dream of living life larger. As I sit in this loud room it gets quieter, and A little bit more darker. As I become more aware of my thoughts. I become more socially awkward. And everything weird become more acceptable. As I become more acceptable with myself.



Darvia Jones



“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” –Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation



Hello guys,

So I have been taking these veggie supplement called Ashwagandha for a 1 month now, and it been working great for me. 


When I first start using them, I didn’t really feel like it was working for me. But(TMI)…… the ashwagandha supplements did make me go to the bathroom, after an hour of taking them. After the first week I start noticing it was working. I just had to let my body get use to them because, the supplements did have me feeling a little weird when I first start taking them. Although I didn’t feel dizzy while taking the ashwagandha, I think this supplement is great for anxiety. It’s a big plus for me because, it’s a  organic vegetable capsule. Which means it’s animal cruelty free, no added sugar or artificial flavors.



I came across this supplement when I decided to look up my BMI, and bmr so I can start my weight loss journey. I specially researched what supplements should I take I did a test on a website (sorry I forgot website domain). But it was very helpful for me, It said take b vitamins for energy, Rhodiola Rosea to keep me upbeat, Ashwagandha to relieve stress, and Probiotics for gut health. So I start looking up all the supplements to see exactly what each supplement contains and actually does. So When I start looking up ashwagandha I felt like I can benefit more from it because, it said it can help with anxiety. At that the time I didn’t know I had a leaky gut (PCOS)I was on the mission to get this supplement. Although I also start taking b vitamins for energy because I am always sleepy. I was so happy when I found these supplements on amazon. I feel it works so well for especially working every week day and trying to forget pass things that happened, and just be in a happy place.



Before you decide to take any supplements or medications consult your doctor first, I always remember what works for someone will not always work for you.

Consult your doctors!!


DarVia Jones

Do You Know….

the pain u cause give me anxiety,

you say words without a thought process behind it,

you got me feeling like you mean it,

picture me screaming,

do u know u give me anxiety,

will you catch me if I faint,

Do you know that just leave me in pieces,

do you care about the glass you left shattered,

the picture will never be whole,


I am a one in a life time deal but you couldn’t notice,

live your life telling tales,

saying you was there , and your love was real,

do u know I know your love was never real.

Because I couldn’t dream with out having a nightmare. 

How to recognise symptoms of PCOS *

This Great information to know, and learn more about. Ask I haven’t had much problems with my period. I also find it very important because, I will like to have children someday.

Jenny in Neverland

PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, affects 1-in-10 women, therefore making it a common reason for infertility. Its well worth knowing the symptoms of the condition and making an appointment with your doctor if you suspect you may be affected.

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PCOS: Anti- Inflammatory

I been changing my diet lately, because of my PCOS. Having no dairy, no gluten, no junk food especially, no alcohol, or white carbs.


It’ s very hard starting off, but I can feel my body getting use to it. I am very happy to have noticed this early before, any other side effects took full effect.


Of course I really notice because, I start growing fine hair on my face(like a beard). Sometimes I just want to give in, and say “forget it all” ,but I really need to change my overall health. I can suffer from diabetes if I do not do so. Plus I will actually like to feel good in my body for once.




I am also doing alternative day fasting at this moment for my health. I been doing a lot of research, and decided to take this step. Before I get into a full on 7 day Broth fast. Which I’ll be doing before the new years.


I will also be working out, and recording them on YouTube soon.





Have any questions or advice please leave a comment…… Thank You




Darvia Jones


My anxiety comes from the fear of being judge, always wanting to be accepted by others, and me needing to make sure that everyone is please.  Trying to impress them, even if I know they do not like me.

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As I lightly mention in my last post, I have anxiety. My anxiety is so bad that I almost have anxiety attack lying down. Which I hate because I can be laying in bad trying to go to sleep and something will pop in my head. Like the time I use to get bullied, or will some said something to me at work and I didn’t say anything back.  All that stuff just makes me feel depressed a lot of the time. I just want to run away, and be on my own.I am saving up money to travel places I never been now. I can’t wait to get out this environment because,  I feel like it’s holding me back. I know I can’t run away from my thoughts, but I feel like if I was somewhere different I wouldn’t have these thoughts. I hope my anxiety do not keep me from doing that because, I always turn down things just thinking what others will think or say. This me now putting it in writing that it’s a for sure thing that I will do the things that makes me happy from here on out.

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